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Craniosacral Therapy
Pilates & Yoga

Healing comes from within

Genevieve Debry

Complementary therapist with federal diploma

Each person is unique. We all have our own story, resources, strengths and aspirations so it is no wonder that the healing process is individual, too. Together we will define concrete goals, find out your needs in order to get your energy flowing again.


I have ten years’ experience as a craniosacral therapist and Pilates teacher, accompanying people on their journey towards health, vitality and wellbeing. Clients often say I have “magic hands”. I reply that my healing touch is based on years of training and practicing mindfulness while speaking with and laying my hands on clients. I’d be delighted to help you, whether you are seeking pain relief, more energy, calmness, clarity, or if you have a personal goal.

Portrait von Geneviève Debry

Find inner peace and stimulate the self-healing process. One of the gentlest and deepest healing methods based on a respectful, therapeutic touch. Try it out!

Holistic body works means to reconnect body, mind and soul. When we touch upon something deeper, I can support you with counselling and exercises bringing clarity and emotional healing.

Train your core muscles, strengthen and stretch the whole body and improve your posture with Pilates and Yoga. You will become more flexible and increase your level of energy.


"The most effective medicine is the natural healing power 
that lies within each one of us." 


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