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Bonjour. Welcome.
Schön, dass Du da bist.

To laugh, dance, read, wonder....

Yoga, strength, meditation, breathing, stretching, stillness, peace...

Cook. Meal. Enjoy. Talk. Friends. Together...

Nature. Hike. Mountains. High, Even higher. Great views. Alone. Connected...

Family, dog, walking, forest, home, rest...

My Journey

As a child, I loved to play music. The piano allowed me to immerse myself in fantasy worlds and express my feelings. I trained as a professional pianist in Belgium, later as a classical singer in London. I performed in concerts and taught piano and singing to children and adults.


For the musician, especially the singer, the body is the instrument. Through yoga, breath work and therapy, I learned to free myself from physical tension and to align myself. This not only changed my voice but my entire energy and self-confidence. I was fascinated.


After 20 years as a music teacher, I began training as a craniosacral therapist and shortly thereafter as a Pilates instructor. In the course of my work, I became increasingly aware of the interactions between body and psyche and I continued my education in therapeutic interviewing and process support. Nothing brings me more joy than helping my clients feel happier and more comfortable in their bodies. 

In 2019, I founded the Praxis am Fluss, a practice for holistic therapies in Adliswil with currently five therapists. In 2021, I qualified as a complementary therapist with a federal diploma and since 2022, I have been an assistant in the supervision courses at the Da-Sein Institute in Winterthur. 


I am originally from Belgium and have lived in Switzerland since 2005. I am fluent in (high) German, English and French. I am married, a mother of two teenagers and own a Golden Retriever. I like to be in nature, in movement and in silence.

Primary and Further Education

Craniosacral Therapy and related courses

  • 2009-2010: Basic course in western medicine, Tao Chi, Zurich

  • 2010-2013: Training in Craniosacral Therapy, Kientalerhof and ICSB (Craniosacral Balancing)

  • 2016: Myofascial Release (working with fascia)

  • 2016: Osteopathic Techniques, Zurich

  • 2017-18: Myofascial taping according to Markus Erhard

  • 2019: Industry certificate OdA complementary therapy

  • 2019: Structural Integration according to Tom Myers (ATSI)

  • 2013-now: Regular Cranio training courses

  • 2021: HFP Complementary Therapist with Swiss Federal Diploma, Method Craniosacral Therapy

  • 2022- : Assistance in supervision courses (Da-Sein Institute)

Pilates & Yoga 

all courses at Art of Motion, Bern, unless stated otherwise 

  • 2014: Pilates Essentials

  • 2015: Pilates Flow

  • 2016: Qualified as a Certified Instructor in Contemporary Pilates

  • 2016: Pilates & Body Reading

  • 2016: Pilates Tactile Instruction

  • 2017: Anatomy Trains in motion

  • 2018: Spiral Dynamics, 4 introductory courses (Apamed)

  • 2018: Slings Essentials - Fascial Qualities in Motion

  • 2019: Slings Myofascial Training 1

  • 2019: Pilates Reformer Essentials

  • 2022: 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (Yogalives, Zurich)

Counselling skills
  • 2013: Therapeutic Process (Kientalerhof)

  • 2019: Body Therapy and Psyche (SNE)

  • 2019: Resilience: Breath and Parts Work (Apamed)

  • 2022-2023: 2-year training: supporting personal journeys, IBP (Integrative Body Psychotherapy)

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