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Personal Journey

"Go slowly, you always come back to yourself anyway."

From Persia

Fussabdrücke im Sand

Complementary Therapy

Swiss health insurers recognise a range of complementary therapies, including Craniosacral Therapy, which support clients in a holistic way. Through bodywork, movement and self-reflextion, clients are empowered and encouraged in their personal healing process. Embarking on this healing journey means being open for change, willing to take responsibility and trying different paths, often without knowing where they will lead you. In my counselling work, I am solution-oriented and help build up your resources and improve your resilience. I do not give advice but encourage self-reflexion, enabling you to find your own path.

Ein Man steht vor einer grandiosen Aussicht

Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP)

Thanks to a two-year further training for body therapists at the IBP Institute, I can support your personal development and address issues which may come up during craniosacral treatment, such as:

  • ·        Personal space and boundaries

  • ·        Closeness and distance in relationships

  • ·        „Helper-Syndrome“ und perfectionism

  • ·        Feeling emotions, connecting with the heart​​

  • ·        Trauma​

  • ·        Being present in body, mind and soul

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